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Dwayne Johnson open to do a 'Fast Five' sequel

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With the recent success of Fast Five, Dwayne Johnson believes that a follow-up to the box office smash is not only in order, but also already on its way to being made. "I'm sure they're getting ready to start writing right away," Johnson told Access Hollywood. "The best part about the success of Fast Five is the fact of how much the fans love it." The film has already made over $568 million worldwide after being released in late April. Despite the outpouring of support for Johnson to continue with the car-driven anthology, he jokingly has one condition, saying, "Well, it all depends on how much a** I could kick in that movie." Before any confirmation that a sixth installment is in the works, Entertainment Weekly has confirmed that Johnson is in talks for a role in G.I. Joe: Cobra Strikes and is set to appear on screens this fall in Journey 2: The Mysterious Island.