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Fresco by Scotto Meals and Mrs. Dash Salt-Free Seasonings

'Huawei': A foreshadowing name?

Chinesepod's Carlie discusses the meaning of the name 'Huawei' in light of the recent national security concerns of the Whitehouse

A popular family-owned restaurant in New York City that is known for serving fresh and seasonally-inspired dishes, Fresco by Scotto has created a collection of seven modern Tuscan meals that consumers can enjoy in their very own homes at the dining room table. 24 oz. trays of Chicken Parmesan, Baked Pasta with Spinach and Mushrooms, Penne Gratin, and Penne alla Vodka with Chicken are available for purchase at for less than $11.00. Seasonal dishes such as Lasagna with Meatball Sauce and Eggplant and Zucchini Pie retail for $19.99 and $14.80, respectively. Last but not least in Fresco by Scotto’s line of Italian classics is Fusilli with Seasonal Vegetables, which includes corkscrew pasta tossed in butter sauce and veggies such as broccoli, butternut squash, carrots, mushrooms, and peas. While Fresco by Scotto Meals are delicious and flavorful for entertaining and large family gatherings, salt-free seasoning blends from Mrs. Dash are sure to add robust flavor to any homemade dish. Consumers who are concerned about sodium intake will certainly appreciate that there are 14 unique flavors to choose from, including Caribbean Citrus, Chicken Grilling Blend, Extra Spicy, Fiesta Lime, Garlic & Herb, Hamburger Grilling Blend, Italian Medley, Lemon Pepper, Onions & Herb, Original Blend, Southwest Chipotle, Steak Grilling Blend, Table Blend, and Tomato Basic Garlic. The suggested retail price of each Mrs. Dash salt-free seasoning blend is $3.09.