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Halloween 2010: What Celebrities are Tweeting, Who Everyone is Dressing Up As

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Katy Perry tells fans “please don’t fail me” when dressing up as the “California Gurl” this Halloween. With the Twitter phenomenon still going strong, celebrities are using the site to communicate with fans about Halloween costumes in their likeness, some wanting photos, others creating contests. The pop tart herself tweeted that she was surprised she is a “costume” this year — not sure how this idea escaped her — but to send her pictures of the get-ups and make her proud. Pirates of the Caribbean producer Jerry Bruckheimer asked his followers, “Any Halloween pirates, thieves, felons?” with a photo attached of a crowd coordinator at Old Bailey Courthouse. Scott Pilgrim vs the World director Edgar Wright has made a call for all costume entries to be submitted for his blog. Last year, the director posted Shaun of the Dead-inspired outfits, and now wants to add Michael Cera’s starring vehicle to his website. “The Scott Pilgrim Halloween Costume Gauntlet Is On,” he tweeted, and has already had several fans sending ammunition for his upcoming post. Chris Colfer, best known as Kurt on Fox’s mega-hit, Glee, has been sending out messages preparing for the holiday, including a frightened sentence about Paranormal Activity and one about potential Glee imposters. “If any of you are going as Glee characters for Halloween please tweet us pictures! We eat that stuff up,” he tweeted, and continued with, “This Halloween more men are going as Sue Sylvester than Iron Man,” alluding to Jane Lynch’s Emmy-winning tough gal character on the show. The apparent Halloween fan revealed to Entertainment Weekly his homemade costume this year, which is basically “Los Angeles” itself. “I’m gonna poof my hair up to be a big solid chunk and that’s gonna be the Hollywood sign. You know those sleeper pillows you wear on airplanes? I have shoulder pad things that look like that. I have downtown Los Angeles made out of clay on one end, and I have the Santa Monica pier on the other end. And then I have Paramount Studios behind my head and I have a huge, huge, heavy, heavy cape that’s [going to be] traffic. Then I have a sparkly silver vest and a blue shirt that kind of looks like the ocean.” I don’t really follow this, but it sounds like it could potentially be really awesome – I hope Colfer tweets us a picture, just like he’s asking his fans to send him. According to reports, the top costumes this year are Lady Gaga, Jersey Shore personalities, and blue creatures from Avatar. Not surprising, given that you can put anything on yourself to be Gaga, and most of the world saw Avatar. Ellen took a twist to the Jersey Shore idea though, arriving at her show as just Snooki’s “poof.” According to Zap2It, Ellen commented, “In case you don’t know, I’m Snooki’s Poof. That’s Snooki down there [referencing a baby attached]. I’m the poof. She’s the actual size. She is that short. I met her in person. I was almost late for the show because I didn't take into account how long it takes to gym, tan, and laundry everybody.”