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Dancing With The Stars: Season 11, Week 4

'Huawei': A foreshadowing name?

Chinesepod's Carlie discusses the meaning of the name 'Huawei' in light of the recent national security concerns of the Whitehouse

The contestants definitely felt the pressure this week; not only did they have to work on improving their technique and performance since they would be scored on both elements, but they had to do it all on a smaller, round, elevated stage to acoustic music. The night’s featured dances were the rumba and the Argentine tango. All in all, the stars did a pretty good job bringing romance and fiery passion to the dance floor. Rumba: 1) Kurt & Anna – The former football player was uncomfortable in rehearsals dancing so intimately with Anna, being that they’re both married to other people. But once his wife gave her blessing, he embraced the routine, pulling off a great performance for his 13th wedding anniversary. Technical – 15, Performance – 19 2) Brandy & Maks – Her pro partner helped her find her inner sexiness, something she said she’s lacked for the past six years because she hasn’t been in love. Maks took the singer out for dinner, offering her the traditional box of chocolates and flowers. It definitely worked because the pair received great scores. Technical – 22, Performance – 26 3) Kyle & Lacey – The youngest star in the group had a lot to prove after Len’s comment last week that his footwork was “atrocious.” Despite his age and immaturity, he delivered a sensual number, and the judges appreciated his technical efforts. Technical – 18, Performance – 22 4) Florence & Corky – Perhaps the most jaw-dropping part of the night was Mrs. Brady’s raunchy rumba. Technically she held it together (somewhat), but it was very uncomfortable to watch, mostly because of the heavily-charged sexual atmosphere. (Excuse me while I go shower.) Technical – 17, Performance – 18 5) Bristol & Mark – Without a doubt the most painful to watch. We know Bristol isn’t used to being in front of large audiences, but c’mon girl, channel your inner confidence and shake it! At certain points of the dance you got that sex kitten vibe from her, but an awkward movement seconds later ruined the illusion, something the judges are getting frustrated with. Technical – 18, Performance – 14 Argentine Tango: 1) Rick & Cheryl – Coming off that sizzling routine last week, Rick lost a little bit of his mojo with tonight’s Argentine tango. The lifts were amazing, and Cheryl literally threw herself into every move, but it just didn’t work. Technical – 19, Performance – 20 2) Situation & Karina – The most endearing thing about watching this reality star is that he’s really trying and wants to do better. The daring lifts he did with Karina were very cool, but the bad footwork couldn’t be hidden on such a small stage. Technical – 12, Performance – 16 3) Jennifer & Derek – The sentimental favorite came out with guns blazing, eager to get back on top after dropping to number two last week. And did she ever! The piece was a work of art from start to finish and undoubtedly the highlight of the night. Technical – 27, Performance – 29 4) Audrina & Tony – Last week’s leader of the pack gave it her all, but fell a bit short tonight. Technically she was great, but she couldn’t quite capture the intensity needed for this passionate style of dance. Technical – 24, Performance - 22