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John Woo awarded Golden Lion for Lifetime Achievement

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Director John Woo received the Golden Lion award for Lifetime Achievement on Friday, September 3 at the Venice Film Festival. At the festival, Woo was recognized as “an innovator of the contemporary language of cinema" in addition to introducing extremely stylized action films which helped to renew the genre, reports the Associated Press. Woo was surprised to receive the award. "I wouldn't say that I have much contributed to film society, even though I made several good films," he said. Yet others disagreed with Woo. The director of the Venice Film Festival, Marco Mueller, called Woo’s films "a perfect union of the China tradition and avant-garde filmmaking." Woo, 46, established his career around movies in the action/thriller genre, starting in Hong Kong and then moving to Hollywood. Woo has directed over 26 films in 30 years, including Mission Impossible 2, Hostage and Paycheck. He also has several projects in the works. According to, the director recently returned to China after 16 years to continue making movies. Sources:,,