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Jennifer Hudson Talks About Recent Weight Loss

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Oscar and Grammy winning singer/actress Jennifer Hudson is flaunting her recent weight loss. In an interview with Robin Roberts on ABC’s Good Morning America, she discussed her transformation after the birth of her first child, son David Jr., who is now seven months old. “No one recognizes me anymore” she says of her new look. The new mom, who will be traveling to Africa to film her next movie, says that being a mother is “the best thing ever.” She told People Magazine “I love being nurturing…who better to devote my time to than my own child.” Hudson took off all of the baby weight and more. She says that she used Weight Watchers to achieve her healthy new appearance. In the latest Weight Watchers commercial, the songstress reveals that she’s never been at such a low weight during her adult life. The former American Idol contestant admits that she was “very comfortable” with her image before, but wanted to have a more fit body in order to set a good example for her son. “After I had the baby I made up my mind that I wanted to go in a different direction, find a better lifestyle and a better weight…I feel like I’ve conquered the world!”