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John Edwards' Baby's Mama 'Cried For Two Hours' At Her Photos In GQ

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Rielle Hunter's not too happy with her recent suggestive photos in GQ magazine. The mistress and mother of politician John Edwards relayed to Barbara Walters that she had "cried for two hours" after seeing her "repulsive" pictures in the magazine. Monday morning on The View, Walters relayed that Hunter trusted photographer Mark Seliger to take classy photos for her, but instead, the magazine published sexually suggestive photos. In one of these photos, Hunter's only dressed in a white collared shirt and a string of pearls, while lounging on a bed. Walters reports that Hunter stated that she "went with the flow" during the shoot. There are also pictures of Hunter with her and Edwards 2-year-old daughter, Frances Quinn. Hunter states that she's still in love with Edwards, and believes that the feelings are mutual. Of his marriage to Elizabeth Edwards, Hunter states that the union was "toxic", and that John was scared of Elizabeth. claims that GQ's publisher Conde Nast states that they are trying to get in contact with the photographer, and will then comment on the situation.