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2009 American Music Awards - ShowJennifer Lopez took a fall at the 2009 American Music Awards. Gasp. Should anyone be concerned? I mean really. The woman showed up and these days that seems to be at least 35% of the ticket price. Besides, the fact that J.Lo could walk out publicly in the outfit she wore is more a testament to what the singer is capable of shrugging off, not falling on an ass that's made the Top 5 list of more gentlemen's magazines than hit movies she's been in. Performing the single "Louboutin" from her forthcoming album "Love?" due out next year, Lopez ended her routine with the coyish "Did you miss me," having been away from the music scene since the birth of her twins with husband/singer Marc Anthony in 2008.

Well the answer is twofold. Not really and no. Lopez, like many of today's celebrities, spawn glittery children of gold whose photo shoots are planned out well inside the womb. Mommy and twins appeared on the cover of People Magazine to the sweet tune of $6 million and of course when J.Lo purchases a dress, grabs a bite or sues an ex over a sex tape it makes the news. So there's nothing really to miss when one doesn't wander far from the public eye. Musically she put out her last album in 2007 titled "Brave" and it was a forgettable effort tanking quickly. Her biggest production was having the twins and taking the weight off. She has fallen into the personality category with little action and a slip of talent to back it up. Here's a woman who has reinvented herself as Jenny from the block, J.Lo and more recently Lola from what is now being called a scrapped single titled "Fresh Out the Oven," produced by Pharrell William and Chad Hugo better known as The Neptunes.

Lopez went on the Ryan Seacrest morning show joking about the incident saying "The measure of things isn't what happens when you fall, it's how you recover." Words to live by, Jennifer.