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According to Daily Variety, the Fox Network has handed Spike Feresten his pink slip. Talkshow with Spike Feresten, a 30-minute talk show featuring the former Seinfeld screenwriter, has been canceled by the network.

The announcement by FOX means Talkshow joins MADtv in the ratings trash heap. Yet while the network has lined up a replacement for MADtv--a Wanda Sykes sitcom set to debut this fall in the 11 p.m. slot--the replacement for Talkshow is still up in the air.

According to trade magazine Broadcasting and Cable, one of the options is to run repeats of popular comedy shows, such as Family Guy or American Dad.

Feresten--who wrote the popular "Soup Nazi" episode for Seinfeld--was hired by Fox to host an eclectic talk show, in the style of Conan O'Brien. Yet the show flailed as it followed "MADtv," attracting low ratings in its Saturday slot.

Earlier this year, it was decided to expand the show to an hour. In a series of six test episodes, the show showcased a more well-rounded version of Feresten's peculiar, avant-garde sense of humor. Yet the format failed in test groups, and amid the low ratings, FOX decided to cut Feresten and his show loose.

Over the three seasons that Talkshow has been on the air, the show has spawned several viral videos on the Internet, including a famed gag centering around the transition to digital television.