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According to Entertainment Weekly, the sales rankings for several gay and lesbian-themed books, such as romance novels Transgressions and False Colors, were de-listed.

In addition, Information Week and CNET are reporting that several gay themed-books without adult content are also missing sale rankings, including Heather Has Two Mommies and Ellen DeGeneres's 1995 autobiography, My Point . . . And I Do Have One. In comparison, Porn veteran Ron Jeremy's memoir, The Hardest Working Man in Showbiz, was still being ranked.

The controversy started when Mark. R. Probst stumbled across some inconsistencies in Amazon's statistics. While Probst, whose novel, The Filly, is among those whose rankings were removed, initially believed it to be an act of homophobia, it turns out that the issue may have been simply human error.

"The glitch," he wrote on his LiveJournal blog, "was likely human error in that while trying to find a lazy way to conform to the 'old' policy of not ranking adult material, a horrible miscalculation was made. Amazon has never intended for gay and lesbian material per se to be classified as adult. It's a major faux pas which I'm sure they will correct."

Prior to the correction, Probst, who himself is an Amazon Advantage member, led an Internet campaign to reinstate the novels, saying that the e-business company should either "reinstate all of the books or don't reinstate them at all."