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Grey's Anatomy Episode 7 - Rise Up

'Huawei': A foreshadowing name?

Chinesepod's Carlie discusses the meaning of the name 'Huawei' in light of the recent national security concerns of the Whitehouse

Meredith and Derek are in bed and Cristina calls. They are discussing the books that Meredith's mother left. Derek can't sleep. Alex and Izzie cuddle.

Owen resuscitates someone. Cristina talks to Derek about the night before. Bailey talks about her divorce counselor and Cristina and Meredith's talking all night.

The Chief introduces STAN, an imitation dummy for practices. Bailey tries to play up the idea that there may be a solo surgery. Erica has Izzie and Meredith for the day. Her patient is a person who has been waiting for a heart transplant and it turns out that it was the heart Izzie stole for Denny.

Derek wants Mark to have sex with Cristina. He somehow convinces Mark by playing the Addison card. The other interns practice inserting IVs into each other and Lexie is worried. They tell her it's because they don't get to practice on real patients.

The Chief and Owen talk about the solo surgery, but are interrupted by a new patient. He wants Owen to consider his options because he has a new set of eyes.

Meredith explains the cleaning process to the patient, Izzie is uneasy, but continues to explain the procedures. The patient (Mike) is worried about how risky the surgery is. Izzie gets a flash of Denny roaming. Meredith points out that Izzie is freaking out. They have a talk about Denny.

STAN complains about his pain. Alex talks to George about being bad and STAN calls him out, he storms out.

Owen and Callie work on their patient. Lexie wants to impress Cristina, but Owen points out that Cristina has to impress Owen. Derek and Bailey talk to an old patient about her surgery. She signs a do not resuscitate form and says her goodbyes to her husband. Bailey is shocked about the strength in the relationship.

Lexie is at the morgue and finds out that she may be able to use some of the unclaimed bodies for practice. She shows up to another morgue room and forgives the dead patients. Callie talks to Owen about each of the residents. She gives positive reviews about Cristina and talks smack about Izzie, telling him that she cheated with George. Owen only wants the facts though.

Mark tries to make a possible move on Cristina, but after Cristina keeps the subject in hand (a scan analysis) he awkwardly walks away. Izzie is quite nervous and Erica explains that she picked Izzie because she is comfortable and personal with patients. Izzie tries to comfort him, but she's so enthralled by Denny's presence that she can't talk. The patient doesn't want to do the surgery again. She walks away. Erica is angry at Izzie and Meredith explains there was a connection with Erica's patient and Erica becomes upset.

Derek and Bailey do work and he talks about his plans for Meredith. They discuss marital relationships. Meredith looks for Izzie and Alex doesn't know. Cristina is angry about Owen being intense about him. Mark tries to make another move and Cristina walks away from him.

Lexie decides to tell the other interns about her plans. Alex overhears this conversation. Erica decides to ask Callie about Izzie and she explains the whole Denny situation. It turns out that the heart that Denny had was supposed to be Erica's patient's. Alex and Izzie go to the morgue. Alex tries to impress her with practice surgeries. Lexie shows up and she gets kicked out.

STAN talks smack to an unsuccessful George. The Chief laughs. It turns out that the Chief has been controlling STAN in an office. Erica talks to the Chief. The Chief makes sure the idea is in the past. Erica is upset, but the Chief wants to maintain that the patient has to live.

Derek talks to the husband of the patient about the surgery. The husband understands that she may not make it and is very comforting about the whole thing. Meredith grabs a scan and finds Izzie. They talk about the heart being stolen. Izzie believes that it's her fault that the patient is here.

Owen and Callie talk more about friendship; he cuts her off because she's being too friendly. Mark shows up and she gets forced out of the surgery. Lexie talks to Cristina in the halls. Cristina detects the smell of formaldehyde on Lexie, realizes and heads to the morgue finding Alex there. They trade bodies for some surgeries, have a talk and Izzie walks out.

Izzie decides to talk to Erica. Erica wants her to stay on the surgery to help him. The patient doesn't want to do another surgery. Izzie goes to the patient and parallels her story to the girlfriend/wife of the patient.

The old husband is complaining about the DNR and Derek tries his best to comfort him. He turns and talks to his wife. He becomes upset after her heart stops. The two doctors watch as he tries to resuscitate her. Bailey tries to stop him.

Erica thanks the patient as they do the surgery. Izzie does her best to get the patient to cough and breathe.

In the morgue, Cristina gets a page about the surgery. She and Alex run up to the patient, it turns out that he was possibly bleeding in the kidney. Owen gets angry about the fact that they were trying to use the patient as practice and not as a human.

Derek and Miranda do their best to comfort the husband, but he can't stop. She decides to continue the compressions as the husband sits down. Derek looks on. Denny signals Izzie to continue. She gets Mike to breathe and open his eyes. After that, Denny's spirit disappears.

Derek takes his turn doing compressions, but he stops. Bailey tries to comfort the husband. Mark tries again to make another move on Cristina. She ignores him again. He mentions how he's been trying to hit on her. She laughs intensely and walks away. Mark talks to Derek about Cristina and Owen overhears it. Owen talks to the Chief about how everyone is immature.

Alex and Lexie find Bailey in the morgue. She reprimands them and wants them to treat them like the humans that they are. She orders them to sew them up.

Cristina talks to Owen and Owen wants to make sure that she knows the patient's name. She closes the door and explains to Owen how her father died and why she has become a doctor. And she knows the patient's name.

Derek thanks the husband and he goes home. George finally gets the robot to survive. Owen asks STAN for forgiveness. George finally realizes that it was the Chief.

Lexie finds the interns and she joins in on the practicing on each other.

Cristina and Meredith talk about her mom's book and Derek shows up. They laugh about Mark.

Erica and Callie talk about the surgery and Izzie. Erica wants to report the surgery. Callie doesn't get it and Erica complains that there is no grey area in everything. The two argue and Erica walks away from her.

Izzie has another vision of Denny but she tries her best to move on from him. It turns out that Alex was there as well and gets comforted by her. She turns around after Alex leaves and sees Denny there.