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Former Blink 182 Drummer Sues over Plane Crash

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It's a classic rock and roll story. Get famous, tour the world, get private plane, die in fiery crash. In a strange (and still tragic) twist from the usual plot, Travis Barker is suing the owners of a private plane that crashed, killing two of his close friends and the two pilots on September 19. The plane failed to take off, rolled beyond the runway, and was consumed by flames.

The suit asks for $25,000 in damages for emotional pain, disfigurement, expenses, and earnings loss. Not mentioned in the suit is the mental scarring associated with living through a plane crash. Filed in L.A. County Superior Court, the suit claims the crash was due to faulty equipment and the pilots' "negligent attempt to abort takeoff."

The suit contends that the plane was not properly maintained and the pilots were not properly trained to fly it. Several companies are included in the suit, including Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company, Global Exec Aviation, (the plane's owners), Bombardier, Inc. (the company with the maintenance contract), and the two charter companies for the flight, Clay Lacy Aviation and Inter Travel Services.

The National Transportation Safety Board has not completed their investigation, but cockpit recordings show that the flight crew thought a tire had blown during takeoff, and tire shreds have been discovered on the runway.

Clay Lacy has already released a statement, according to TMZ, stating, "We are sympathetic for the victims but we want to emphasize we were not operating this airplane. This was not our airplane. We merely assisted the parties in chartering this aircraft with another company. We simply booked it for them."