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The once upon a time pop icon, Jessica Simpson, is converting to the other side: country music. You would think Simpson would be used to performing on stage.

The singer was a bit freaked out at a listening party for her new country album, Do You Know.

"I'm a little nervous, if I throw up, I'm sorry," Simpson told a crowd of 200 record industry leaders at the Schermerbhorn Symphony Center in Nashville.

After blushing, Simpson told the eager crowd, "Thank you so much for coming and for giving me a chance. I hope you get to experience what my heart's been going through the last few years."

Simpson personally introduced each song she played, and each song indeed had a story. Simpson touched on topics such as abusive relationships, true love, and healing.

Before leading into her new song, "Remember That," Simpson told the women in the crowd "in that [abusive] situation to take their hearts and run."

While leading into the song, "Pray Out Loud," Simpson broke out in tears as she addressed her preacher father Joe and mother Tina as she said the song is about finding your faith and family.

Before singing "Sippin' on History," Simpson said, "It's about a relationship in my life that could have been a fairy tale, but wasn't."

Simpson blew the music industry people out of their seats, but it was not her performance she was proud of. She told the crowd after she was done with the set, "I didn't throw up!"

Simpson told everyone before she left to mingle that the album is set to release on Sept. 9, "That's lucky number nine!" she yelled to the crowd.

Simpson's lucky nine is the number in which her boyfriend, Tony Romo, wears on his Dallas Cowboys jersey.

Simpson makes her first appearance at the Grand Ole Opry on Saturday night with musicians Loretta Lynn and Patty Loveless.