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Fonda Slips Up on "Today" Show

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Jane Fonda shocked anyone who watches, works, or hosts the Today show, today, when she used a term for vagina that can also have a different connotation.

Fonda was on the Today show to promote The Vagina Monologues with its writer, Eve Ensler. Valentines Day has become V-Day since the Vagina Monologue movement began a few years back. It is a day to increase awareness about violence towards women, in an attempt to stop it.

Fonda was asked how she got involved in the movement and she replied, "I was asked to do a monologue called [Bleep] and I said, 'I don't think so, I've got enough problems.'" But when she later saw the play, she said it "changed my life." Since then, Fonda has become very involved in the movement and the monologues.

The expletive Fonda used is the name of a particular monologue, which ironically is about women reclaiming the word so it will lose its power. While it was too late to bleep the word out on the east coast, it was later bleeped on the west, and the Today show host apologized for Fonda's slip.