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HBO To Make Movie About Barry Bonds Book

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According to the Associated Press, HBO Films is planning to turn the best-selling book, "Game of Shadows," about Barry Bonds' alleged steroid use into a movie. A reporter for the San Francisco Chronicle said that Ron Shelton has been asked to direct the film that will also recount the U.S. government's investigation of performance enhancing drug use in sports.

Shelton will co-write the script with "Tin Cup" partner John Norville as soon as the screenwriter's strike is over.

Lance Williams of the San Francisco Chronicle co-wrote the book with sports writer Mark Fainaru-Wada. Most of the book was based on confidential grand jury testimony of Bonds and other famous athletes leaked by Troy Ellerman, a disbarred attorney sentenced to 2 and a half years in prison for denying under oath that he was the source of the leak.

"Game of Shadows" reveals how Bonds began using steroids in 1999 out of jealousy, after Mark McGwire set Major League Baseball's single season home run record the previous season.