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Dance Upon the Air

'Huawei': A foreshadowing name?

Chinesepod's Carlie discusses the meaning of the name 'Huawei' in light of the recent national security concerns of the Whitehouse

There's always been something different about Three Sisters Island. The myth explaining the island's creation is a bit fanciful -? three powerful sisters cleaving a stretch of land off the coast Massachusetts to escape the Salem witch-hunts -? but the island itself seems a safe haven for the quiet community. A safe haven that happens to be exactly what Nell Channing is looking for.

The former wife of a power entertainment attorney, Nell faked her own death to escape her brutal husband. To the outside world, Helen (as Nell was then called) and her husband were the perfect society couple. On the inside, Helen was constantly terrified of making mistakes only identifiable to her abusive husband. After hurtling her car off a cliff, Helen left her persona behind and became a gypsy -? paying for everything in cash and never staying in the same area with the same hair for more than six months at a time. Yet when she stepped onto Three Sisters Island, she felt as if she was finally home, safe and sound.

She's offered a job and a place to live by the island's resident witch, Mia Devlin, as well as companionship and a tutor for the magics she never knew she had. Another talented witch, Ripley Todd, befriends Nell as part of her routine as Deputy Sheriff. Although Ripley suppresses her powers and clearly has a rift with Mia, Nell feels the need to play the role of peacekeeper between the warring women. The role of island peacekeeper, however, falls to Ripley's older brother, Zach.

Everyone knows that Nell is hiding something and running from something, but no one could anticipate the level of danger brought through Nell's "return" to Three Sisters. As Zach and Nell fall in love, the lore of the island becomes much more than a harmless story.

Nora Roberts has a seemingly effortless talent for creating endearing characters and compelling storylines interwoven with myth and legend. Dance Upon the Air is no different. The drama of the situation mixed with the terror of the magic makes this story a page-turning quick read and time well spent.