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First Lady Laura Bush Recovers Well After Surgery

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First lady Laura Bush was out of the hospital and recovering well on Saturday after successful surgery to treat pinched nerves in her neck, the White House said.

A spokeswoman for the first lady, Sally McDonough, said Mrs. Bush left George Washington University Hospital after a 2 1/2-hour procedure and was "resting comfortably at the White House."

The first lady underwent a minimally invasive and common surgical procedure known as a posterior cervical foraminotomy, which relieves pressure on pinched nerves. It is designed to enlarge the opening through which the nerve root leaves the spinal cord in the neck, for which the doctor can make a 1-inch incision and use an X-ray to guide the tools.

President George W. Bush called his wife twice from Air Force One on his way back from a meeting with Asia-Pacific leaders in Sydney. "Her spirits are good," Bush told reporters during a brief stop in Honolulu. He is expected to be back in Washington on Sunday.

The first lady had received physical therapy for several months, but her doctors determined that the conservative treatment was not working and they recommended surgery, McDonough said earlier.