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How Wicked We've Become, from Milton & the Devils Party, is an upbeat pop album from this Pennsylvania-based band. The lead vocalist's timbre is sprightly, even when the songs' lyrics are talking about distasteful things and the instrumentation varies in tempo on each song. It's certain that listeners will never be bored during any track on this album.

The first song has buoyant guitar and drum work as vocalist Daniel Robinson emotes about rekindling a relationship and asks whether or not it would be like it once was, with such lines as, "It's been a long time. Would it still be good if we got back together? I believe that we have talked about it forever. I wanna be like I used to be when I was free of my conscience." It seems he yearns for a time when things were easier and he and his girl were still a couple.

The second song has slightly harder and faster guitar play and beating drumming as well. This track yields an odd message as it talks about how an acquaintance of Robinson's should not despair, even though his wife is cheating on him. Robinson somberly sings about not feeling down, despite the fact that he has had illicit relations with his friend's spouse, as he croons such lines as, "And you wonder why she's getting home so late. A phone call, you start to lose it all. Well, if I were you I wouldn't hesitate. The skies will rumble at the mention of your love. Your love is not enough. Don't cry just because I've had your wife. But because you've ruined your life, whole life." This song would be a perfect one to be played during a motion picture where a husband has just discovered his wife's adulterous behavior and believes his life to be finished because he has lost her love.

The third song opens with speedy drum play and even quicker guitar work. This song seems to be about Robinson wanting to be content with the way his life is progressing, but he feels as if something imperative is still missing, with such lines as, "I know I should be happy with this life I got/You had this good thing going/Cuz you have to have, have to have everything." It seems Robinson is emoting about how he should be comfortable with all he has acquired, but his greedy nature compels him to never be satisfied.

Milton & the Devils Party's How Wicked We've Become has happy-go-lucky instrumentation, surrounded by lyrics that describe some unpleasant occurrences. Robinson's timbre goes from joyful to slightly downtrodden, but no matter what, the beat will keep listeners interested in the messages the band is conveying.