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Daniel Baldwin's Car Theft Charges Dropped

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While Alec Baldwin is attracting negative attention, Dainel Baldwin is getting off easy. The Orange County District Attorney dismissed all charges against the second oldest Baldwin brother that were related to the actor's alleged theft of his friend's SUV, last fall. The owner of the car claimed the situation was a misunderstanding.

D.A. spokeswoman Farrah Emami explained, "After following up on statements that were provided to us by witnesses and the victim, we determined that the evidence didn't support us going forward with the case."

Baldwin was arrested on November 7, 2006, outside a Santa Monica hotel, and charged with unlawfully taking a vehicle and receiving stolen property, after police received an alert from the SUV's security system and spotted Daniel climbing into the GMC Yukon, which was already reported stolen.

Baldwin was arraigned in Newport Beach Criminal Court and after he failed to show up for two court dates, the Yukon's owner, Kenneth Smith, told the D.A.'s office that the actor was a friend of his for 20 years and had his permission to borrow the car anytime.

Baldwin's attorney, Grant Hoagland said,"There always was permission...Why they overreacted and filed on it is beyond me." He also stated that Baldwin is looking to get his cocaine-smoking paraphernalia charges dropped since he will soon complete a drug diversion program.

Baldwin, 46, recently played himself on The Sopranos, as well as completed work for Little Red Devil, an indie horror film in which he plays the lead role.