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Disability campaigner and "Superwoman" passes away

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It was a sad day on Monday, not only for the Reeve family, but for the foundation of the same name which is dedicated to the celebration of hope in the face of disability.

The widow of the late Superman, Dana Reeve passed away this week after a battle with lung cancer. A strong and selfless woman, Reeve abandoned her own career to care for her husband after his paralysis in 1995. Throughout his tireless struggles, and continuing after his death in 2004, she worked with the Christopher Reeve Foundation which raises money for spinal cord research, treatment, and potential paralysis cures.

Dana Reeve announced her cancer just last year, and named her husband as the inspiration for her battle. She leaves behind her son and two stepchildren.

Said Kathy Lewis, the president of the Christopher Reeve Foundation, "After Christopher's death, Dana was determined to preserve the important work and the legacy of hope that became his life's mission. Even in our grief, the foundation must pick up and continue to go forward with this mission."