'The Real Husbands of Hollywood:' Recap: Kevin Hart mocks reality television

By Dominique M. Carson,
BET debuts the "fakest reality show" on television
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BET's theme, "We Got Tuesdays," TV's lineup was The Real Husbands of Hollywood, starring Kevin Hart, Boris Kodjoe, JB Smooth, Nick Cannon, Duane Martin and Robin Thicke. The show premiered yesterday at 10 p.m. and shows the daily lives of these mega stars living in Hollywood. However, Kevin Hart includes a dramatic and comical twist that makes the show more appealing to the audience. Hart was able to come up with an artistic idea that will mock most reality shows on television such as The Real Housewives of Atlanta.

BET showed viewers a sneak peak of the reality show in summer 2012 during the BET awards; viewers were sold then because they know that if Kevin Hart is affiliated then it has to be hilarious. And viewers were right: Kevin Hart does it again.The first episode is entertaining as we watch Kevin Hart reign in super stardom. He won Best Actor at the BET awards, received excellent feedback on the movies Think Like a Man and Laugh at My Pain and earned his keep in comedy. And his celebrity friends, Martin, Cannon, Thicke, Kodjoe, Nelly and Smooth receive nicknames that relate to their personality and status in Hollywood. Some of the nicknames are "Hata", "Pretty A** M*******," "Hustler" and "Mitch." Also, Hart argues with an 11-year-old, finds out his attorney has all of his friends as clients and becomes upset with Thicke who is a fiere poker player.

Overall, The Real Husbands of Hollywood is a show that has massive potential because it includes an all-star cast with an innumerable amount of talent. Other stars will appear on the show, such as as Faizon Love and Shaquille O' Neal. Acting abilities are not important on the show because it's supposed to be a comedy. But, the friendships you see on the show are completely true. BET collaborated with a comedic genius in a brand new era that will keep viewers interested of what's yet to come on The Real Husbands of Hollywood.



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