May Stands Still - 'When You Come Home' review

By Connor Murphy,
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Less than a minute into May Stands Still's newest and first full-length album When You Come Home, I was already drawn in and became a fan. May Stands Still is primarily a solo endeavor around Emily Herndon, but along with her she brings some good company of musicians. The music seems to aim for the more modern folk genre as well as indie, but it stands out.

May Stands Still's weapons of choice are primarily Herndon and an acoustic guitar, most of which is finger picked which adds a nice element to the typical strumming, as well as piano and occasionally the orchestral tool here and there such as violins. Don't look too into the technical stuff, because it all comes together great on When You Come Home. The key to the album is that it flows great. It's excellent as a complete album, you can listen to it in one sitting and enjoy it throughout, but with that, it's hard to take a single out of the album because the music seems to work as a group rather then as individual songs mashed together (which really is a good thing in my mind).

Another interesting quality of When You Come Home and May Stands Still music is they are able to reach out on an emotional level through not just the lyrics but through Herndon's vocals as well. The tempo's they choose are capable of swaying the mood of the listener, I experienced it while listening. It really adds another level to listening. May Stands Still offer a floatable sound, while also offering some toe tapping moments. They can carry the same sound, and mold it into completely different songs. The acoustics are simple, and the vocals are high pitched yet calming. The lyrics are deep and relatable. May Stands Still has a good chemistry going for them.

I'm not going to dig into tracks alone because, as mentioned, I personally couldn't pick a track to standout. My only advice to the reader is to give the album a listen, and see where it takes you. I recommend When You Come Home. As a first full-length album from May Stands Still, I can see them doing well.

May Stands Still - "Gotta See"



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