Jon Sandler 'Late Night Champ' Album Review

By Connor Murphy,
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Indie pop artist Jon Sandler released his latest studio album Late Night Champ over the summer, and not only was it a pleasant surprise to me, it turned out to be an excellent summer album. The talented musician from New York is quite talented, this is shown through not only his smooth voice, but that voice is accompanied by excellent keyboarding and production from him, with some good guitar work tied in. The lyrics to the album are very well written, they have a happier pop sound, while some of the lyrics are actually quite heartbreaking but also empowering. Sandler touches into different sounds here, but executes it excellently. This album has grabbed me, it features a couple tracks that could be top hits, but listening throughout is a nice experience. I consider myself a fan now.

The big single off the album is the title track "Late Night Champ" which makes sense because it stands out as one of the more complex songs musically, but it seems like a song that could bring in a lot of fans, especially throughout the electro-uprising in the music industry. Sandler even ties in a hip-hop component, but it's easy to tell this is one of the big tracks from the album.

There were a few standout songs in my mind that could get looked over, but they sunk into me. One is "Million Different Windows." The song is very upbeat and energetic, and has a lot of effort put into it. The lyrics are well written, and it sounds like a song that could certainly be taken and made into a hit single. Others include "Slow Parade", a softer song, but it is a perfect example of a very sad undertone, but really turns up as an empowering song. "Me" is a nice traveling style song, set to the beat of a up-tempo acoustic strum, but the song is very individualistic in its lyrics, which I love.

The album sounds very professional, every beat seems carefully looked over and it shows. The lyrics are excellent, and the musicianship is quite talented and varied. Best of all, it seems like Jon Sandler had fun while making the album. He explores his emotions but even when he is feeling low, the beat and the lyrics always manage to have an inspired uplifting vibe. All in all, I recommend Late Night Champ.

Jon Sandler – “Late Night Champ”:



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