Howle, Danielle

By Dominick A. Miserandino,

DM) Where did you learn to play guitar?

DH) I learned on my bed at home and in my first apartment, where I still live. Been here 12 years, maybe more. While in the band Lay Quiet A While (on Daemon records), our guitarist said it would be a good way for us to communicate. I was sort of toying with the idea of learning guitar. I taught myself in the house and some people showed me chords. I have not actually learned to play the guitar yet, but I hope to in the future.

DM) "Communicate" using the guitar. Are you sure it wasn't just a pick-up line!

DH) No, I mean the guitar was a useful tool of communication with my bandmates. They got tired of me humming things all the time. Dating any of the people I have played music with would be like dating a relative. It doesn't work so good that way.

DM) What do you do for fun with your friends to relax?

DH) This question is interesting, because I have not really learned how to relax yet. I am sincerely working on it at the request of my spirit and my friends. My social life is pretty much zero, as I am never around to cultivate my relationships. But when I do get to some leisure, I like to talk and hang out outside; and, well, I like playing pool too. I make candles when I can, as well. I used to have a jewelry shop and work with silver and some copper and brass, and I liked this a lot, but I had to move it to put the band's office in the spare room. I pretty much book our group and stuff now for fun. Is there hope for me?

DM) But what about all the stories of the wild lives of musicians?

DH) I guess that depends on what is considered wild. To me, wild is not just being broke, but it's being in debt all the time and wondering about all the things that happen to a person when this occurs. To me, not sleeping late is being wild. Just following this dream is wild enough. I know I chose to do what I am doing and was aware of most of the hardships it brings. A lot of these hardships are just things all humans face as well. So nothing special there. But wild is a good word for a life without a net. I have no net, I guess, since I accept my wits and my faith.

Some musicians I know lead wild lives in the classic sense of sex, drugs and rock and roll. But none of them is close to making a living at it. I wonder--you hear all the stories of rock people just acting so decadent and crazy. I wonder how they consistently do a good job at performing and driving their vans and stuff. Hummm...

DM) What happened to the jewelry shop?

DH) Alas, it was closed to make more space for the Tantrums office. Time simply does not allow it to be left standing and unattended. There will come a day when I make jewelry again and it will be fun. Maybe the NOT doing of it will actually make me come up with something good. I am not the best designer.

DM) Why did you switch from Southern Records to Daemon?

DH) I have been on Daemon with my other band for a while. It was never a conscious switch of labels. I was actually on both the labels at the same time, along with putting out the single for Sub Pop. I liked the people at both of these labels and at that time, a lot of songs were needing homes. So I figured, why not work with all my friends.

DM) Do you have hopes of being picked up by a major label?

DH) If it's in the cards, then so be it. I guess it would have to be the right place for my music to be. IF the people working at such a label were into it, then I would not mind one bit. There are perks to being on a major, I am sure. But there are good things about small labels, too.

DM) I guess one of the perks is that you get to meet the Indigo Girls?

DH) But of course! Meeting them has been very good for me as a human being and as an artist. To be able to tour with them and see them do their wonderful shows every night is a spiritual experience in itself, not to mention a great learning experience. They can sure get down and play some music--and write and sing it well, too.

DM) Have any of your songs ever been inspired by them (Indigo Girls)?

DH) They have taught me so much by not even trying to! I am sure that indirectly a good deal of my career and songwriting has been inspired by them. You see, I feel we are all friends, and it's hard with friends to tell where things begin and end. This is all good. Their songs inspire me all the time. They are not just a famous band that I've been lucky to tour with. I listen to their music in my life and also recommend it to my friends.

The messages in their songs have such a wide span. Some are personal, in my opinion, and some are the poetry of what is going on in our world right now. Some are historical and about inspiring people that have already lived. I admire their versatility. I guess I'm inspired by that aspect of them, too. As people, they inspire me.


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