Nas' DUI Charges Dismissed

By Ingrid Bergquist,
Nas' DUI case was dropped after drug tests came back negative

Rapper Nasir Jones, Nas, DUI case was dismissed, announced TMZ.

The case was dismissed after the artist's drug test came back negative, even after Nas had admitted to officials and reporters that he had been smoking marijuana before being pulled over.

Nas told reporters he was driving under the influence of marijuana, which he had been smoking at a friend's house, when he was arrested.

The officer confirmed the allegations saying he saw trembling eye lids and body tremors along with the smell of raw weed, and noticing his pulse was raised to 116 beats per minute.

When pulled over the singer failed the steps sobriety test by walking a wrong number of asked steps.

The charges were however dropped as there was not enough evidence and the test came back negative, if the test had come positive the charges could have affected custody in the divorce.

On Thursday Nas attended court to work out the divorce details.



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