Raider's Cable alledged history of violence

By Matt Bultman,
Two women have spoken publicly about Raider's coach Tom Cable's history of violence

A former girlfriend and ex-wife of Raiderscoach Tom Cable have come forward, revealing that Cable has a history of violence.

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In an interview with ESPN's "Outside the Lines" two women, Sandy Cable and Marie Lutz, say that Cable had hit them various times throughout their relationships.Cable's allegedly violent behavior has been in the news since August when Raider's assistant coach Randy Hanson, accused Cable of breaking his jaw during an altercation at a coaches meeting.

In 1988, Sandy Cable filed for a temporary restraining order against Cable, claiming that on two occasions he had hit her, once in the face. In her attempts to call police, Sandy said that Cable "would rip the phone out of the wall."

Lutz, whose relationship with Cable ended as recently as January of 2009, said that Cable hit her "three, four times."

Cable declined to be interviewed but did release a statement through his attorneys. In it, Cable claims that he has only hit a woman one time. Cable said that he slapped his ex-wife Sandy when he learned of her infidelity.

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