Brad Pitt for Mayor!

By Lindsey Weedston,
Pitt is the hero of New Orleans.

Just kidding.

The topic started as a joke list of 13 reasons why Brad Pitt should be mayor of New Orleans, written by Thomas Bayer, an art history professor at Tulane. According to MSNBC.com, number three on the list is, "If we elect Brad Pitt mayor, Angelina Jolie would be the First Lady of New Orleans."

When Josh Harvey saw the list, he started printing "Brad Pitt for Mayor" shirts. Pretty soon there was a whole movement for the idea.

New Orleans has been a big fan of Pitt since he started building houses in the Lower 9th Ward, which was nearly wiped out by Hurricane Katrina, through his Make It Right foundation.

However, Pitt doesn't seem to have much interest in being mayor. In an interview with NBC's Ann Curry, he repeatedly said, "I don't have a chance." He made sure of this by saying, "I'm running on the gay marriage, no religion, legalization and taxation of marijuana platform," writes New York Daily News.

Even if he did want to run, the Associated Press points out that mayoral candidates must have lived in New Orleans for five years, and Pitt has only lived there since 2007.

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