Speidi's search for retribution too little, too late

By Ted Simmons,
Spencer and Heidi Pratt lose a lesson and respect

If Heidi and Spencer Pratt wish to shed their reputation as spoiled and undeserving socialites, they sure aren't making any type of visible attempt.

The recently married couple made their way into homes across the country starring on the MTV reality show, "The Hills." The program follows the young and beautiful world of Los Angeles 20-something's as they treat themselves to expensive brunches, lavish shopping sprees, and enough drama to fill a 30-minute time slot each week.

The blonde tandem that is Spencer and Heidi, also know as Speidi, recently parlayed their reality fame into a slot on NBC's "I'm A Celebrity...Get Me Out of Here!" a reality series that puts celebrities in the Costa Rican jungle for the sake of their respective charities. How would the pampered princesses of "The Hills" fare in a less luxurious setting? The answer on Tuesday night's premiere episode was clear—awfully.

The two began complaining immediately, finding the conditions intolerable, the insects unbearable, and their celebrity company insulting. Towards the end of the first episode Spencer was shown talking to producers, claiming that being on the show with the likes of Janice Dickinson and Stephen Baldwin was lessening his and his wife's fame. When it came to contributing to the group, Speidi napped, ran off, or started screaming matches with their castmates. After just over a day, the two decided, the hell with charities, they had to get out of there.

"That's why we picked the two biggest charities in the country," Spencer told Lou Diamond Phillips.

After they fled though, Spencer realized the error of his ways, writing on Twitter, "The devil fooled Speidi into making an awful decision and we are praying to Jesus to get NBC to give us another shot to redeem."

Praying to Jesus? A shot at redemption? Speidi have no interest in redemption, unless it's the kind that promotes their image. It's unlikely the two had an actual change of heart. Instead, their agent probably told the couple that their immaturity and selfishness had resulted in a PR nightmare. They had a shot to disprove the perceptions that they are spoiled brats who stumbled into fame and let it go to their heads way too quickly. So what do they do with their opportunity to show America that they are in fact, genuine, real people? They only perpetuate what everyone already knew.

So, as they try to re-enter the jungle, it will be up to the other cast members to vote tonight on whether or not they'll permit a Speidi return--which isn't surprising. Spencer and Heidi made no attempt to seem courteous, helpful, or down-to-earth, and now their bad behavior is coming back to haunt them. It's a classic case of dealing with the repercussions of your actions, something the Pratts clearly have no experience with. When you bite the hand that feeds you, don't expect any dessert.

The most unfortunate part is that Spencer and Heidi have stolen the spotlight from both the show and the charities they are hoping to help. When such attention-hungry leeches are given a national stage, it's only fitting that they refuse to sit down and shut up. Speidi had a legitimate chance at rectifying their image, and only created more of the adolescent drama that made them newsworthy in the first place. I hope the two never get back onto "I'm A Celebrity...Get Me out of Here," or any television program for that matter. When you're obnoxious and ungrateful, you'll be banished from both the jungle and American living rooms. And any half-hearted attempt at an apology or return to glory will only fall on deaf ears. The devil spoke to Speidi, and I'm sure that was neither the first or last time.

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