Dollhouse: Why You Should Be Watching

By Amanda Bolden-Weaver,
Joss Whedon's latest brainchild is sure to catch nearly anyone's interest.

Most people remember Joss Whedon for his long-running hit TV series, Buffy, the Vampire Slayer. And fans of the mastermind remember him for Firefly, and the movie based on that show, Serenity. Now, people have a whole new reason to think of the creator, as his new show, Dollhouse, promises to be one of the smartest and hippest shows in a while.

Starring Eliza Dushku as Echo, the show reveals this underground operation called Dollhouse, in which people have their own personalities and memories erased and are "imprinted" with new ones for different engagements.

The idea is that Echo is much smarter than the others, and as the show progresses, seems to be catching on to what is happening and retaining pieces of each imprint in her "doll" state. At the same time, FBI agent Ballerd is closing in, as he knows that Dollhouse exists and plans to take them down.

Though the show requires some thinking on the viewer's part—who Echo was and how she has come to be a part of Dollhouse is revealed in bits and pieces—the show proves Dushku's range as an actress, as well as the creative vision of Whedon.



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