Stylista Finale Episode Recap

By Michael Pascua,
The final three get an interview with Robbie Myers and two will run a covershoot with Eve.

Last Week: After weeks of stress, the final four had a runway show and Ashlie went home.

The three return from elimination and all three are excited and confident of why they are there. Megan talks about how one could Google her. I'm sure she's Googled herself.

Malina Joseph and Brett arrive at the apartment and they explain the next task that the contestants have is an interview with Robbie Myers. She's the big kahuna. It's actually quite good to see that Joe Zee's name was right underneath hers. The contestants head downtown and nervously wait. Brett walks in with Robbie and DyShaun interviews first. It feels like a real job interview, because he stutters through his answers and the stereotypical questions asked. He talks about his strengths in styling. Johanna is next and her resume is a little different. She talks about her love of fashion and loving that she got to use her Chinese in a challenge. Megan is next and she comes off a little pushy. She gets dinged for dropping out of college. She gets another ding for selling her store. She also had no questions.

Robbie talks to Anne and Joe. They talk about strengths and weaknesses of each person. DyShaun suffers from spelling problems. Johanna is a little fragile, according to Joe. To Robbie, Megan feels like she doesn't play well with others which is one of those accurate first impressions. They send the three to the conference room.

Anne announces that one person will be leaving. Robbie decided that she will send Megan home. She thanks the judges and walks away. She talks about missing the other two and she thought that she did the best that she could. Joe and Anne congratulate the two and they announce the final challenge. They have to make the cover and the behind the cover spread. They have to create "wow" and have things like catchy lines. Their cover will be graced by Eve.

Malina meets the two at their house and announces that the two will be getting some assistance: former booties. Kate, Danielle, Ashlie and Megan are going to be selected in a hat. Johanna got Megan and Kate. DyShaun got Danielle and Ashlie. DyShaun's team has an explosion of happiness. Kate and Megan, on the other hand, have drama. Megan talks about how exhausted she is and walks away. Johanna tries to find Megan and it turns out that she started talking to production, she wants to quit. She lost and she's done.

Apparently after the commercial, Megan is still done with the game. She has a one on one time with Johanna, but Johanna talks her back. Megan uses the ideas like "friendship" and disliking Kate.

DyShaun is first into the closet trying to find some good designs. He goes for designs that would fit Eve and her line. Johanna, on the other hand, picks all the clothes herself. She goes for structured pieces that have purple. Megan and Kate don't really say much. Megan is almost sure that DyShaun will win. DyShaun points out that he did a range, just in case Eve didn't like certain pieces.

Brett introduces Eve and explains that there is 90 minutes to style, find a place and shoot. DyShaun's team goes first. The first outfit is too out there, the second doesn't do any favors for her arms, and several other dresses are rejected. They decide on a jacket. DyShaun picks a taffeta curtain. DyShaun tries to give opinions and Eve shuts him down. Anne and Joe show up and DyShaun is a little nervous talking to them. With the second shot, Eve doesn't feel comfortable with the dress. They put her in another dress and Eve disliked it again. They try another pose and time runs out.

Team two goes in; Johanna explains the power movement idea. Eve dislikes a few pieces but Johanna's idea was translated into Eve. Joe and Anne watch her shoot. Johanna makes a few adjustments by herself. Kate and Megan don't really do anything. Megan talks to Anne and attempts to throw Johanna under the bus. Johanna's second trend goes with more of a power movement. After time is up, Kate talks to Johanna about how Megan was talking negatively to Anne and Joe. She asks Megan and she gets upset.

Brett hands the CDs over and the contestants have to say goodbye to the other contestants. They head downtown and work on the layout. DyShaun is disappointed by the second shot he had. Johanna uses the term "Purple Reign" and is happy about the whole layout. DyShaun is ready to kick some ass.

The two remaining contestants arrive at the final editorial judging. Anne and Joe are accompanied by Eve. They remind the contestants of the prizes. DyShaun presented first. He explains the idea of street with sophistication from Eve. DyShaun talks about his positive interaction with his assistants. The back of the cover, although the photo had a little bit of trouble, DyShaun worked it out. Anne loved the behind the cover. Eve is actually surprised how it turned out. Anne returns to the cover and loved the idea of placement and clothing options. She is unsure of the backdrop. Joe wanted more environmental shots. Eve thought that the clothes were unorganized.

Johanna explained her idea. She liked the idea of royalty and regal-ness of Eve. Johanna points out that the two were extra hands. Anne loves the cover shot. Joe loves how striking it is. Anne thinks that there's a little too much text and how the text went smaller. Joe thinks the image is great. Eve is surprised by the purple. The behind the cover is a little busy but Joe likes the selection. Eve liked that she was ordered and structural.

Johanna is worried about the bylines. DyShaun, on the other hand, is really excited and ready to kick her ass.

Anne and Joe discuss the two contestants. DyShaun is great with fashion but lacks the text and copy errors. The cover lines are good. The cover shot may have been a little more fashion forward and use of the mansion. Johanna is organized but may over think a little bit. The mannequins before is a little weird, but she's grown so much. The cover shot is great but the cover lines are crap. Her behind the cover is crap in comparison to DyShaun's shot. Johanna gets respect for being structured and strongly opinionated.

Brett brings the two to the office. She thanks the two for being here. DyShaun has great fashion sense. Johanna has grown and has a strong voice. Anne announces that Johanna has gotten the position as the next Junior Editor at Elle. DyShaun thanks the judges but feels great about his work. Johanna is in tears about how excited she is. Johanna shakes Robbie's hand and she is given her new business card and office. Johanna's cover now becomes the door as it shuts.



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