Comic Book Artist Interested in Making Beckhams into Crime Fighters

By E. Van Dril,
If this happens, I'll buy my first comic.

Well-known comic book mogul Stan Lee is interested in turning David Beckham and his former Spice Girl (Posh) wife Victoria into a crime-fighting duo.

The Spider-Man creator is currently already dabbling in making celebrities into comic book heroes. He is making a comic involving Paris Hilton.

And he also thinks he could do the same for the Beckhams.

"There are so many ways to do it," Lee says. "We could make them a crime fighting team where the soccer is just a facade. Or we could make them spies or we could make it a comedy where one of them wants to be an adventurer?"

Sounds interesting, right?

Here's how it would work.

"He's a very attractive, personable guy and she's a very attractive, interesting looking girl. I haven't met the Beckhams yet but I think we could do a great show."

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