The Golden Globe Award Winners!

By Lynda Dale MacLean,
The Golden Globes usually help predict who might take home Oscar, we'll find out soon.

I started off my golden night by watching the yearly pre-show hoopla with Joan and Melissa Rivers, which means anything goes and just about anything is said.

Joan was in rare form and, apparently, fresh eyes from her mentioning having had work done on them (if, indeed, it is true and not just another joke). Her blatant outspokenness and jokes came at the cost of some of this year's most publicly newsworthy celebrities including, Paris Hilton, Martha Stewart and, of course, Michael Jackson. I've come to expect this, as do all of Joan's E! Entertainment fans.

The pre-show is a relaxed and fun way to see the stars, check out their fashionable attire, and get a little one-on-one congratulations, and to wish your favorites good luck before their big night begins.

Usually, it is relaxed, but I must say that there is one interview that stands out among all of them and, what started out to be a nice interview, at first, was when Kevin Costner's daughter was introduced as this year's "Miss Golden Globe." Then, the awful happened, Joan knowing that Kevin proposed to his long-time girlfriend, asked to see the engagement ring. Joan was appalled by the size of it and later, in the show, another comment about the ring was mentioned. It was a mess; so embarrassing!

CBS aired the 61st Golden Globes Awards on Sunday, January 25, 2004. One of the biggest celebrations was the Cecil. B. Demille Award given to Michael Douglas. Danny DeVito and Sharon Stone had the honor and the utmost respect in presenting to the audience a collection of Michael's incredible work and the friendship formed by knowing him.

Michael accepted his award with an open heart full of sincereness and appreciation. Michael, especially, made reference to Carl Malden who was in the audience with his wife, about how Carl Malden was like a second father to him and who he praised for his teaching of work ethics. It was a caring and moving speech that came truly from the heart.

This year, The Golden Globes, to me, didn't have that radiance or sparkle like I've seen in the past. Something was missing this year, and even though it had its moments of excitement, the show, as a whole, felt lost.

But fear not, because fashion did take some of the lulls out of the show and here are my picks for Best and Worst dressed. But first, I must say that this year was also the worst year for hair. It seems like a lot of stars just skipped over this part. Sharon Stone, Al Pacino, Gwen Stefani -- just to name some of the hair that challenged celebrities.

Worst Dressed Man: I bite my tongue hard when I have to say this gentleman's name, in this capacity, because I am such a huge fan of his, but I just could not comprehend the wardrobe. I'm referring to Johnny Depp and I also wasn't that thrilled with the attire of Elijah Wood or Sting.

Worst Dressed Woman: Nicole Kidman and Jennifer Lopez. I don't know what happened here because Nicole usually has such a gift of classic and highly original style that she usually lights up the red carpet, but this time, it was not even close. Jennifer Lopez appeared lack luster and unflattering.

Best Dressed Man: Pierce Brosnan was so 007 and debonair! Looking fantastic was also Keifer Sutherland, Justin Bateman and Ben Kingsley.

Best Dressed Woman: Another tie, for both ladies excelled and complimented their unique looks and personality just effortlessly and beautifully. Charlize Theron and Cate Blanchett. I do want to say that Kim Cattrall, Susan Sarandon, Mary-Louise Parker, Kristen Davis and Amber Tamlyn were beautiful, classy, and striking.

Here are this year's Golden Globe Winners:

Best Supporting Actor for Motion Picture Drama: Tim Robbins - Mystic River.

Best Actor in a TV Drama: Anthony LaPaglia - Without a Trace.

Best Actress in a TV Drama: Frances Conroy - Six Feet Under.

Best Supporting Actress for Motion Picture Drama: Renee Zellweger - Cold Mountain.

Best TV Series Comedy: The Office Best TV/Miniseries: Angels in America.

Best Actress TV/Miniseries: Meryl Streep - Angels in America.

Best Actress in a Comedy Series: Sarah Jessica Parker - Sex in the City.

Best Supporting Actor in a Series: Jeffery Wright - Angels in America.

Best Actress in a Comedy Motion Picture: Diane Keaton - Something's Gotta Give.

Best Actor in a Comedy Motion Picture: Bill Murray - Lost in Translation.

Best TV Series Drama: 24.

Best Actor in a Comedy Series: Ricky Gervais - The Office.

Best Original Score: Howard Shore - The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King.

Best Original Song: Into the West (Annie Lennox) - The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King.

Best Screenplay: Sofia Coppola - Lost in Translation.

Best Supporting Actress for TV/Miniseries: Mary-Louise Parker - Angels in America.

Best Director Motion Picture: Peter Jackson - The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King.

Best Actor in a TV/Miniseries: Al Pacino - Angels in America.

Best Actor for Motion Picture: Sean Penn - Mystic River.

Best Foreign Language Film: Osama - Afghanistan.

Best Actress Motion Picture: Charlize Theron - Monster.

Best Movie Motion Picture Comedy: Lost in Translation.

Best Movie Motion Picture Drama: The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King.

So what happens after the awards are presented and the stars have left the building? You know it; it's time to celebrate! Who better, to catch all the happy recipients with that handful of gold in their hot little hands, than the Post Show presented by E! Entertainment.

Todd Newton, Giuliana DePandi, John Burke, Alisha Davis, Patrick Stinson, Lean Hall and Ted Casablanca were all there to get the "diddy" on the winners, losers, and anything in between.

I'm not that familiar with John Burke or Alish Davis, but they did an all right job. At times it seemed a little shaky or stiff, but I have to give credit, because I know I couldn't do it. I would get tongue-tied and probably collapse, but good things will come to them. Todd Newton is a gem; just fantastic and so real, calm, and delightful. Giuliana is feisty and brings so much energy to the show, just great! I like Patrick Stinson for he is good at handling tricky situations and has a spark about him, as well. Leon Hall is a blast! He flat out tells you how it is and that is pure confidence! Ted Casablanca who writes the column, The Awful Truth, is another confident and entertaining personality that stands firmly on his opinions.

Sarah Jessica Parker stopped by to talk with Todd and he mentioned how much he and his wife enjoy the show. Sarah truly seemed to glow and feel the joy that the show has given to its audience throughout the years. It will be missed!

Oh, remember when I said happy people at the award parties? There was someone who wasn't happy. In fact, I would say cranky would best describe her and I was shocked by this because I just think she's so cool and fun and I like her so much. Jamie Lee Curtis seemed upset and was mentioning that the show was 3.5 hours long and cameras kept hitting her from behind. I wouldn't like that either and, yes, there should be space to move around and not feel like something is jabbing you in the back. Sometimes being nominated might not always be the best thing, especially if you don't win. Jamie appeared so full of warmth at the pre-show with her daughter, but as the night went on, I guess things didn't look all that comical.

I thought that Leon Hall was on the money when he let a few of the cats out of the bag regarding the fashion. I agree with him when he talked about the ladies' fashions and their hair not looking good this year.

Well, that's it for now. I still love these award shows and I do look forward to next year's!

Next stop, The Oscars! The biggest night for celebrating the best will take place on Sunday, February 29, 2004. See you then!

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