'Something Something Something Dark Side' Preview

By Jeffrey Sullivan,
Remaking a classic into a full-blown circus

For residents of New England, Family Guy will always have a special place in our hearts. And for Sci-Fi fans in New England, well, just wait until you see Something Something Something Dark Side, in stores this week. It is a riot of laughs, using the staple Family Guy humor while running through the plot of The Empire Strikes Back.

Nearly every scene is replicated with pain-staking detail, complete with the Family Guy observational humor poking fun at scenes that, in all honesty, didn't make the most amount of sense in the original movie. For instance, in the Hoth getaway scene, why, when they have all of space to run to, do the rebels have to run straight through all of the Empire's wedge-shaped star destroyers?

Family Guy versions of Empire's characters abound in this movie, with another monster-ized version of Meg, a robot Joe and a Giant Chicken bounty hunter, this sequel to the Blue Harvest spoof of A New Hope may ironically be better than the original.

Oh, and there's a great Rocky IV reference, complete with stock footage from the movie, as well as a voice cameo from fellow Rhode Islander James Woods. If you're a fan of either franchise, you'll want to get this when it hits stores tomorrow.

'Family Guy: Something, Something, Something, Dark Side' DVD and Blu-Ray release party Beverly Hills



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