‘Elementary’ episode recap – 'Dirty Laundry'

By Sari N. Kent,

We open with a woman's dead body having been found clunking around in an industrial washing machine in a large hotel. She turned out to be the hotel’s manager, Teri Purcell, who was unanimously loved by her employees and a fine humanitarian.

Shoot Sherlock, Watson and Bell going have a chat with Teri’s husband, which turns up nothing more than the fact that there was obviously some marital discord since Sherlock notes that he was sleeping on the couch. Watson also deduces that the dead woman's daughter, Carly, although now a promising athlete and scholar once had a drug problem. She gave Carly her number and told her to call if she ever needed her.

Shoot to a nosy neighbor pointing them in the direction of a man, who she saw drop by to visit Teri all the time, Jeffrey Silver. He is a businessman who runs an international charity dedicated to the eradication of land mines. Upon further investigation, it turns out, she was just helping with his charity and he also has an alibi. So, the husband and potential lover are out as suspects.

Shoot to Sherlock and Watson learning that Teri had a run-in with some call girls, who frequented the hotel. Watson and Holmes go "whore-fishing" in the lobby and get one escort to talk. It turns out that instead of running them off, Teri was helping them hook up with high rolling hotel guests and monkeying with security cameras to cover for them. So, there was no security footage of who killed her.

Shoot to Sherlock and Watson wondering why she would do this out of the goodness of her heart and go to investigate her office for secret compartments. They found one and in it was evidence that lead them to a secret cache of videos of hotel rooms. At first, they thought she was allowing the hookers to meet with patrons in order to blackmail them but then when Sherlock overheard two French men he realized that Teri wasn't a madam or a blackmailer. She was a Russian spy, who used the hooker to lure in international diplomats and then record their conversations, not their sex lives.

Shoot to Sherlock and Watson learning that Teri’s husband was also a spy so they pick him up. He confessed over fairly quickly and said the international land mine guy was their handler. It turned out that he and Teri weren’t in love, and only had Carly because they were told to and but they did love their daughter. Unfortunately, Teri wanted Carly to follow into the spy life, which Carly confessed to Watson when she called for help. But since this whole spy thing was a surprise to Carly, they fought about it. Carly pushed her mom and believed she killed her. Yet, it turned out that when Jeffrey showed up to clean up the mess, Teri was still alive, so he finished her off thinking it would be better to be rid of her and mold Carly into a model spy.

Shoot to Carly and her dad going the witness protection program but Jeffrey was on the hook for the murder so he wouldn’t, as he thought, be going back to mother Russia.

On and off through the episode, Sherlock bugged Watson about her staying on, first saying that she clearly enjoyed his work and that they should engage in a weekly salon where she helped him in exchange for light housework. Then, he talked about fooling his dad into continuing to pay her. But in the end, even though she said she did enjoy working with him, she told him that she had gotten another job.

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