Best Videos of Soldiers Coming Home

By Julie Bogen,

After a video was released of Army Sgt. 1st Class Eric Pazz surprising his wife and son at this year’s Rose Parade, TheCelebrityCafé.com decided to put together an especially touching list of videos taken while soldiers come home. We’ve done our best to cover the most popular views, but if you have any suggestions, please add them in a comment!

First, the video of the Rose Parade reunion:

1. This video is my personal favorite. Nothing brings me to tears like children being reunited with parents, and the reactions from this father’s two kids are overwhelmingly joyful. Get your tissues ready:

2. Imagine yourself as a parent with a son or daughter in the armed forces. Now imagine your son or daughter planning this kind of surprise at your already-surprise party:

3. The bond between a mother and daughter is indescribable, unbreakable and unconditional. Watch these two embrace in tears after a surprise return home:

4. There’s also something to be said about the love between a father and his little girl, especially when that little girl has been missing him for months:

5. This is what happens when you’re expecting your son to come back from the grocery store with a six-pack of beer, and instead he comes back with his older brother who had previously been deployed:

6. A young woman in the armed forces comes home early for her dad’s birthday. Best gift ever? I think so:



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