Top 10 news broadcast blunders

By Mallory Hatten,

If you were watching ABC’s coverage of the election poll results on Tuesday evening, you may have seen a slurring, sloppy Diane Sawyer, who many have accused of being drunk during the live broadcast. Whether you believe the rumors or not, there’s no denying that the iconic journalist was a little off, to say the least. But she’s not the first anchor to totally flub up on the air. Check out these videos of the 10 strangest/funniest news broadcasts!

10. A news reporter goes into a hysterical freak out during a live reptile segment when a lizard jumps on his jacket unexpectedly.

9. A morning news anchor introduces a man who climbed Mount Everest but misreads the teleprompter and calls him “gay” instead of “blind.”

8. A local news reporter goes to a home to report a story about a bird infestation, when one of the birds poops directly into his mouth.

7. During a broadcast on the death of a prominent sports figure at a college in Michigan, a drunk sports fan jumps into the camera yelling ‘OHIO STATE,’ only to get shoulder punched by the news anchor.

6. Annie Stensrud, a Minnesota news anchor, slurred her words and rambled on, making no sense at all. Many people – including David Letterman – believed her to be a bit intoxicated.

5. A weatherman freaks out when he notices a cockroach is crawling on his leg.

4. A Fox News anchor began to report on Jennifer Lopez’s new single, but before he finished describing the Latin pop star’s new sound, the anchor misread the teleprompter to read “blowjob” instead of “block party.”

3. In 2006, a different Fox News anchor was reporting on the war in Afghanistan when she accidentally called a cop a “cock.”

2. During a live speech on CNN, President George W. Bush insults a blind reporter by poking fun at the fact he’s wearing shades.

1. The day of and the day following President Barack Obama’s inauguration in 2008, Diane Sawyer raised eyebrows for her strange behavior and slurring words.

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