'Jersey Shore' Season 6 Episode 8 Recap

By Gabriela Penaherrera ,
"Control the Crazy"

Last night's episode of the "Jersey Shore" showed us why Mike "The Situation" cannot be faithful in a relationship. Deena's blowup with Ronnie blows over and Sammi confronts D about her new attitude.

Season 8 gave us more reasons to think Paula, Mikes girlfriend, should definitely look for a new boyfriend. After Paula spends some time at the shorehouse, Paula shows her true colors and Mike is not having it. Seems like Mike is a bit scared of Paula's new found comfort with him and the roommates. Mike even said that he is embarrassed of her when she speaks and rather have her sit quiet and pretty.

Deena ends up not leaving the shorehouse but her parents still come to talk and comfort her. Deena ends up apologizing to Ronnie and everyone at the house for her emotional meltdown but Sammi confronts Deena regardless. Sammi feels that Deena has neglected her as a friend once she got a boyfriend and all she cares is about her problems and talking about herself. Deena does not feel the same way but she just wants to end the drama and start fresh.

Meanwhile the gang go out to Karma and Mike and Paula and there as a couple. However, Paula is left alone most of the night while Mike tries to be part of MVP. Guess he is missing his single life a lot. While naive Paula hangs out with a grandma looking club goer who is Jersey Turnpiking better than Deena, Mike is grinding with random chicks.

Can't wait to see what is next for these two, but we think it's splitsville!



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