How I Met Your Mother: The Autumn of Break-Ups

By Chelsea Lewis ,

How I Met Your Mother returned this week with an all-new episode. The prior season finale has left fans wondering just how in fact Barney and Robin get back together. This episode gave fans more insight into the break up.

Lilly and Marshall are starting to notice issues between Ted and Victoria. Lilly and Marshall believe that Victoria really doesn’t want to take their relationship slow. Fans also learn that Victoria has gotten a job offer to run a bakery in Denver and that Lilly is training Marshall on how to give advice to people who haven’t asked for it.

Lilly and Marshall also reminded Ted that the clock in relationships does not re-set. It simply pauses and then restarts when the couple gets back together. Ted slowly starts to realize that Victoria might not be open about her intentions for the future. Seeking advice from Marshall and Lilly, Ted doesn’t find the answer he has been searching for.

In true, Mosby style, Ted sets up hundreds of roses and proposes to Victoria, who quickly says yes but follows that up by saying, if Ted wants to marry her, he cannot continue to be friends with Robin. According to Victoria, Robin is the reason their relationship will not work. In the end, Victoria gives Ted the choice; it’s either Robin or her.

Lilly and Marshall finally disagree on relationship advice. Lilly seeing Victoria’s point of view and Marshall saying that Robin and Ted should be able to be friends. Ted realizes that Robin won’t ever love him and that Victoria could be the one.

Ted asks Robin to meet him but in a classic How I Met Your Mother twist, fans realize that Ted choose Robin over Victoria. Adding to the autumn of break ups.

Barney has managed to find a new bro, in the form of a small dog. Robin realizes that Barney might be taking the breakup with Quinn harder than he realizes.

Robin and Nick are still together at the start of the episode; fans learn that Nick even has his own cooking show. In an attempt to cheer up Barney, Robin and Nick invite Barney over for dinner. Fans learn how Barney really has trained his dog to be a top of the line bro.

In the middle of dinner, Barney gets a phone call that he must return his new dog/bro back to his owner. Barney takes the new a lot harder than most. Robin decides she go with Barney to return the dog but this decision sends Nick into a bad mood. Nick realizes that he still wants to be with Robin even though she has many guy friends.

Robin plays wingman to Barney and helps to score him an evening with the dog’s actual owner.

The writers of How I Met Your Mother, always have a way of reminding the audience about the true emotional connection these characters have with each other. Fans still have a lot of unanswered questions but they still have a whole season to wait and see how this love story in reverse unfolds.



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