'The Daily Show' recap 11/8/12

By Tori Kronz,
Referendums, Marijuana and Brooklyn Castle

The November 8 episode of The Daily Show had more post-election coverage, focusing on the marijuana news coverage and the guests are Katie Dellemagiore and Pobo Efekoro.

Jon Stewart starts this episode talking about the ballot referendums that were decided on during the election. He lists a whole bunch that California decided on. They agreed to pay more sales tax and more income tax for high earners, rejected removing the death penalty and decided that male porn stars needed to wear condoms during shooting. I would go into the jokes that all of this led to, but I could not do them justice. I really recommend you watch this, especially if you enjoy people poking fun at either Cailifornia or The View.

The main point of interest, though, was that Washington and Colorado passed referendums legalizing recreational use of marijuana on the state level (of course, it is still illegal on the federal level). Stewart plays several clips of the news coverage of these decisions, which is full of puns, bad jokes and the reporters’ confusion over the lingo. Stewart then goes to Al Madrigal who is in Denver, Colorado covering this decision. Madrigal continues with the jokes that the news presenters have been using and Stewart gets annoyed.

The coverage, Stewart argues, is extremely flippant over something that is an important issue. He points out that a lot of teenagers smoke pot, but only a few get arrested and have their lives ruined because of it and the kids who do are overwhelmingly minority kids. He also brings up the point that the government spends a ridiculous amount of money on arresting and prosecuting people on marijuana related charges. Madrigal then asks him if he wants a well researched report or wants to see the reporter hanging on a telephone pole in a windstorm with the waves lapping at his butt. Stewart admits that the second option is more entertaining.

The next segment is John Oliver as senior political analyst talking about the election. The premise of this bit is that neither President Barack Obama or former Governor Mitt Romney wanted to be elected. Oliver describes how they each tried through the race. Obama did so during the first debate. Romney did so by running the most disgusting campaign in history. The reason, Oliver explains, is the economy. Neither of them wanted to be president when the country reaches the fiscal cliff and congress fails, as it is likely to do, to agree on a budget. This is another segment you really need to see, since a lot of the humor is in how they say things, rather than what they say.

The episode ends, of course, with the guests Katie Dellemagiore (the director) and Pobo Efekoro (one of the stars), who are promoting their movie, Brooklyn Castle. The trailer for the movie is available below. The movie is about the chess program in one of Brooklyn’s middle school and how they deal with losing the funding to go to their tournaments. Dellemagiore explains the situation and Efekoro does an excellent job of giving the students’ perspective. Throughout the interview Stewart is playing Efekoro in chess, though it appears that he may just be mimicking Efekoro’s moves. Efekoro makes some really good points about education and teaching to the test, which Stewart helps along very well.

Overall, this was a good episode, but if you watch any part of it, please watch this interview. This is one of those topics that everyone, whether or not you have kids in school, should at least be aware of. This is the type of thing that ends up on ballots eventually and knowing about it from the student’s perspective is important when that happens.



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