By Sari N. Kent,
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5.0 Stars - I Loved It!

Broken by Manny Trevin has inklings of rock, pop and a smidgen of soul mixed in for good measure. His expressive vocals will stroke listeners. Many of the tracks talk about the utter love Trevin feels, while other songs are feel good ones that are impossible not to blast at high volumes and sing right along with.

"Sid's Song" begins the album, and its percussion and guitar work fuse together to form a meditative pace. This song seems to be a ballad Trevin is singing to his baby, imploring her to share all the secrets of herself with him. "Hold me close inside. Don't leave me out. I need you now and tell me all of the things you kept behind your pretty smile. Cuz I believe you are here for me to love. If you need me I will be here for you to love."

On "Hello Again" there is an intense guitar build-up, but the rhythm has nuances of John Mayer's "No Such Thing" with its metrical beat. Trevin beseeches his sweetie to reveal her innermost thoughts to him. "Hello again, tell me what you're thinkin'. Tell me what's on your mind tonight. I feel me falling over circles. Falling into your arms tonight." Trevin's voice sounds far-off, which could be courtesy of a synthesizer. It seems he is literally begging this woman to disclose her most private feelings to him, and he does it with a sweet and innocent touch that listeners will find difficult to ignore.

"Beautiful Baby" has a pop-like rhythm to it complete with traditional guitar and drum play. It has a slow pace as Trevin croons about being agreeable to altering himself to make a particular girl happy with lyrics like, "So many things runnin' around inside my mind/To black and white. So help me see the way that you want me to be. I'll change anything you want in me. All for you." Listeners can hear the need in his voice to pacify this woman and make her love him no matter what turnarounds he has to make to his appearance or personality.

"Broken" is an appropriate title for an album that has many tracks talking about how wrecked Trevin feels at losing what he thought was a perfect love. But is has other songs that have optimistic and catchy flows that are ideal for listeners to crank up on their next road trip as they ride into the sunset to parts unknown.


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