Nip/Tuck Cancelled

By Mamusu Tucker,
All good things must come to an end.

Sorry "Nip/Tuck" fans, your favorite television show has been cancelled. Some of you may not have actually thought that this would come to pass, but it is true. The show, which in the opinion of many put the station FX on the map, is really gone. Gone, but not off the air just yet. The cast of the television show recently shot their final episode, which also happened to be the series 100th episode, on June 12. But that finale episode will not be airing any time soon. In fact, it will not actually be on television until the year 2011. So you will still get to see Julian McMahon and Dylan Walsh play doctors for about two more years. Two more years of cutting and drama all mixed in one.

And when the series is done airing in two years, the entire final season most likely will be sent to DVD.


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